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Commercial Services and Products

At last!  Technicians who exceed industry testing standards to service and install your heating, ventilating and air conditioning systems.  ComfortSafety.  Over 20 years of Reliability.  GuaranteesCredibility.  An established contractor you can Trust.

Northeast Ohio knows where to find a good commercial HVAC contractor.  Building owners and facility managers call 216-641-5500 to find the best.  Cyngier strives to meet and exceed expectations.  We know you have a business to run.  We know your customers need to be comfortable.  We know your employees need to be healthy to be productive.  We know how important safety is to you. We understand you need it now!

At Cyngier, we share our experience to correct your HVAC problems, find affordable solutions and design better systems to lower your operating costs.  Our Capabilities for service and installation are vast.

Our Peak Performance ProCheck Agreements allow us to inspect and improve your HVAC system by regular maintenance and service.  Let us know your specific needs or inquire about which plan is best for your facility.  Our experience is vast with commercial and government customers, including banks, cinemas, schools, churches, retail stores, strip plazas, airports, public utility buildings, computer rooms, and many other businesses.  Contact us now and allow the Cyngier team to serve you.

Cyngier is state licensed for HVAC.  Our service technicians are EPA certified for refrigerant.  We have asbestos certification as a planner, supervisor, and contractor.  Government agencies have certified us as SBA, DBE, FBE and WBE.  We are an equal opportunity employer.