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“Cyngier performed the installation flawlessly, on time and with no surprises. They were very courteous, very clean and very professional and I liked each of them. The duct cleaning technique was amazing – I noticed the difference right away!”
—Jack Merzlikar

“The equipment exceeded our expectations in terms of performance. The installation was done in a professional, friendly and courteous manner. But, what I like most is the service aspect, when we call with a question or concern, Cyngier responds in a timely manner.”
– – – Hal and Geri Morgan

“Cyngier technicians were prompt, courteous and efficient. They were very respectful, very willing to answer questions, made all the requested adjustments, and cleaned up very well. The Carrier Infinity air conditioner’s performance exceeds expectations in the evenness of temperature throughout the house. Cyngier demonstrated good problem solving with an unforseen circumstance. As I took off from work, we were really pleased that the job was done in one day as promised.”
– – – David and Kathleen Sycz

“The Carrier Infinity equipment is top quality. The furnace and air conditioner are efficient and quiet. The furnace fan is running at low speed and there is more even temperature throughout the house. When I sit outside, I can’t hear the noise of the air conditioner. Cyngier’s crew did a good job, I’m very happy with the workmanship.”
– – – Dr. Solur Udayshankar

“We used Cyngier’s installation services twice. Each time the technicians did a good job, cleaned up and completed the whole job in one day. We’re so glad the system works!”
– – – Paul and Mildred Lantzer

“Cyngier is top notch over other contractors we have had. Their people are friendly and courteous. Roseann presented options, met our needs and it was an easy choice. The price was more than fair and the Carrier air conditioner has worked great!”
– – – Mike and Janie Jasko

“Cyngier’s crew was professional and very nice. They did the job very quickly – there was a lot to do with furnace, air conditioner, humidifier, air cleaner, water heater, chimney liner and a basement full of ductwork. Everything was efficient. We’re glad Cyngier always takes care of us!”
– – – Mike and Michaline Baskiewicz

“Cyngier’s work is excellent! The men worked straight through and hard. They were polite and courteous and explained everything to us. Overall, the job was great and we would recommend Cyngier to anyone!”
– – – Mr. and Mrs. Franklin McClure

“We are really pleased with our new Carrier system which is so quiet. We liked Cyngier’s prompt installation during a heat wave. We received excellent service and everything was done as promised!”
– – – Kenny and Vickie Orozco

“The people were very professional and did an excellent job in engineering and installing it. The gas conversion went very well and we’re looking forward to a much warmer home in the winter then previously with all electric!”
– – – Thomas and Evelyn Nichols

“It was a good experience! Everything was done on time: the estimate and the job. The workmen were polite and neat in their work. We received everything that was promised – on time!”
– – – Dale and Glenora Elgin

“The Puron 2-stage air conditioning system is extremely quiet and was expertly installed. We anticipate the 2-stage system will provide us energy savings while keeping the house cool and dry this summer!”
– – – Dan and Isabel Wright

“Being a widow, one of the most concerning issues is finding trusting, reliable and professional help. I found this and much more from Cyngier Heating and Air Conditioning. All of the information provided by both Sam and Roseann was more than accurate as proven by my cooling bills being cut considerably. In fact, my bill was $68 for a 3000 sq. ft. home. The installation was clean and quiet and I felt very comfortable having them in my home. I also have a service agreement so now I can relax knowing I’ll be taken care of in the heat of the summer, as well as the cold of the winter.”

“Cyngier is very prompt, efficient, courteous and they clean up everything! The service agreement is excellent and it is reasonable. We appreciate the prompt service. We have recommended several people who have also been pleased with Cyngier’s installations.”
– – – Laura Ann Quigley and Elizabeth B. Quigley

“Work was done in a timely manner as scheduled. Sam and Jim were delightful to work with!”

“I just want to take time to thank you for all the professional service and courtesy shown by Cyngier in every aspect of your operation. Your service men are top notch and everyone seems to go the extra yard for us. We have been a customer of yours for years and your company has never let us down. Your company has always given us the best service possible, in the dead of winter and the heat of summer, which is very critical for us. Please keep up the good work. Thanks again!!”
– – – Jan, Ed and Rachel Brickman

“We have been more than pleased with our newest edition of our heat pump and furnace from Cyngier Heating & Air Conditioning. They not only pride themselves with quality, but the customer service we received was above and beyond. With their prompt response and qualified team, we know we made the right choice.”
– – – Kim and Mike Faircloth

“The electric bills are MUCH lower since Cyngier installed the new heat pump! Cyngier has a great team!”
   Robert Gurchik

“Cyngier has helped us with our furnace and air conditioner replacements. We are glad we selected Cyngier.”
   Tom and Peggy Stopak

“We like our new heating and cooling system, especially the much lower utility bills!”
   Vince Minarchio

“I really like my new high efficiency system. Getting the huge rebate from Carrier was nice too! My favorite addition is the Carrier Edge thermostat – that’s nice, new and simple technology. The service techs have been looking after my equipment for a very long time. Thank you for your promptness, your humor and your thoroughness.”
   Zoe Enyedy

“I like the new Carrier heat pump. Thank you, Cyngier!”
   June Hudak

“The new air conditioning unit is so quiet that we can sit on the patio and hear each other talk. We couldn’t with the old one. Cyngier has outstanding service! They were here so fast in the middle of a heat wave, and helped restore my air conditioning. I love the evenness of the cooling – It’s sooooo comfortable! It’s a whole new way to be cool!”
   Karen Pivowar

“Without a doubt, updating to the high efficiency system with Cyngier Heating & Air Conditioning has reduced my gas bill to a very reasonable level.”
   Karen Stewart

“We really like our Carrier system. We are glad we chose Cyngier Heating & Air Conditioning – they were extremely efficient, friendly and it was a job well done!”
   Kelly and Dana Risch

“We are comfortable with our new equipment. Cyngier has a great team to design, install and service. We are very glad we chose them for the high efficiency furnace, air conditioner and water heater.”
   Al and Mary Sulik

“Your service technicians are very thorough and the installers did a professional job. Cyngier will be maintaining all three of our systems.”
   Bill and Mary Lou Walsh

“We love our new water heater. Cyngier installers are the best!”
   David and Merrin Legate

“I love my new furnace and air conditioning! Cyngier did a great job – on time, neat, clean. Their whole team was friendly and extremely knowledgeable about the product choices, features and benefits. Cyngier is who to get your next furnace from!”
   Morris Dean

“I love my new water heater and the Cyngier installers!”
   Donna Neal

“The gas bills are almost 40% lower since Cyngier installed the Carrier furnace! Jill and I are very glad we chose them for the high efficiency furnace and air conditioner.”
   Greg Thompson

“I did my research on the web before deciding on the Carrier complete system, including the UV lights. The Carrier Infinity system was the best choice and Cyngier did a nice job of its installation.”
– – – Edward Snyder

“Cyngier was neat and professional about the installation. The Carrier Infinity furnace and air conditioner are a definite improvement for our house!”
– – – John Kramer